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portable-water-packageWe offer the best solutions to packaging water. For portable water packaging, the bag is the least expensive package and it is the easiest method to automatically produce. The entire packaging operation is accomplished in one compact machine.

The first portable automatic water packaging machine used by the military in the field was deployed by the Canadian Army in 1994. A General model 70LCM was sent to Rwanda to package purified water for UN peace keeping troops. One liter bags were produced with water drawn from flexible 3,000 gallon bladders that were filled by the output from a portable reverse osmosis water purification unit (ROWPU).

portable-water-packagingThe Canadian Army is active in peace keeping and disaster relief operations throughout the world. To satisfy the drinking water needs in these operations they assembled another eight portable water purification and packaging systems. These systems are deployed to places such as East Timor, Honduras after Hurricane Mitch, Turkey after the 1999 earthquake, Haiti, Afghanistan as well as Canadian domestic emergencies.

1996 when U.S. Army Troops were deployed to Bosnia Forscom, Ft. McPherson, GA., assembled three portable water purification and packaging systems to supply drinking water for U.S. forces. The packages were one liter bags with screw caps. The bags fit into fatigue pants cargo pockets and acted as canteens. These systems were subsequently deployed in a number of U.S. Army operations throughout the world.

Backpack Water Reservoirs

portable-water-packageGeneral has done development work on 70 oz./2,000 ml. to 100 oz./3,000 ml. bags with fitments for attachment to drinking tubes. These bags were successfully tested by the U.S. Marine Corps during maneuvers in Guam in 2002. These packages also successfully passed impact tests. As of this time no equipment has been deployed for this purpose.


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