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Dispensing Liquids from Bags




General began developing equipment for attaching devices to bags when Sani-Fresh International introduced the bag-in-box soap dispenser in the 1970’s. Since that time General has provided machines to soap manufacturers throughout the world.

General machines are applying:

1. A variety of dispensing fitments
2. Pump assemblies
3. Fitments then inserting pumps
4. Fitments then inserting peristaltic pump tubes
5. Tamper evident screw caps

Products packaged for dispensing include:

1. Soaps
2. Sanitizing alcohol gels
3. Lotions
4. Sauces & chili
5. Ink for large scale laser printers
6. Fruit juices
7. Water

portable water packaging
packaging water Six Pound Cheeze
form fill seal Soap

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